Our mission is to offer disadvantaged children the opportunity to flourish and fulfil their potential and passions through education and mentoring support. Our focus is now entirely in offering fully paid scholarships to a small number of students to those that without our support these opportunities would be only a dream.

We work closely with Atlantic College in South Wales. Founded by Kurt Hahn this is the founder school of United World Colleges and provides a truly unique 6th Form Education in a pre-Uni style with huge diversity and student involvement in the way the College is run. We also work with Kingswood School in Bath which is a more traditional Independent School but with excellent pastoral care and wide-ranging opportunities.

These places are on offer to students from all social classes, but they must meet strict financial conditions. Boys and girls of any race, religion and ethnicity are considered equally.


We believe that the biggest gift we can offer a child is to support them when their life is tough and especially when they have shown great resilience in overcoming difficult and challenging family life. we work closely with our schools and are accountable to our applicants, the community and our donors. We aim to be transparent in all our communications and commitments.

We put a greater value on raw talent, commitment and potential taking into account an individual’s circumstances, than we do on straight academic achievements.


We believe that offering a child an opportunity is only half the journey and we are committed tom providing them the support they need tom flourish along the way and beyond. We can provide support for books and IT etc as well as crucial mentoring from the Quadstar Trustees and Partners as required. It is part of our philosophy that our grantees feel cared for, valued and encouraged. We also encourage them all to join our grantee network and help each other for long term connections.


Our pupil support programme has been hugely successful and Quadstar is now seeking to raise more funds to support more students into the programme. To date the vast majority of the funds have been provided through the profits of the Chairman’s companies but we hope that we can expand our valuable work by raising external funding support to offer more places of opportunity to talented and worthwhile pupils.