We’ve launched!

Today we’re celebrating the official launch of the quadstar foundation, a brand new initiative to support children and young people in the UK to flourish!

We’re lucky that in the UK a lot of children have the opportunity to thrive and enjoy their childhoods, but sadly many still do not. That’s where the quadstar foundation comes in.

We support inspiring ideas providing activities that support children and young people’s happiness and confidence as an antidote to modern pressures, developing their opportunities and aspirations through activities such as sport, creative arts and outdoor adventures.

The quadstar foundation is the initiative of our Founder and Chair, Nick Butcher. Nick’s initial investment of funds and the rental income from his beautiful Edinburgh property ensures that the foundation will be sustainable for the next 2-3 years. Our time and energy will be used wisely during that period, supporting amazing new social ideas while also bringing new funds into the sector through the channels that young organisations find it difficult to access.

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