See Tasin’s story below and the beginning of his journey at Dulwich College

I am Tasin, a student at Dulwich college studying 4 A-levels: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. In year 11, I aspired to study in an academic and reputed college. For this reason, I joined a programme at my previous Gladesmore Community School that helped me to come to Dulwich College. Following my admissions, I was selected as a bursary recipient on behalf of Quadstar working with the college. I was delighted to be able to receive support from Quadstar, which enabled me to have access to a plethora of opportunities by studying at such a prestigious college.

Tasin during his CERN trip

Being a boarder at Ivyholme house at Dulwich, I have been able to integrate well with other students and embrace the values of being a Dulwich member. My horizons have expanded, both socially and academically from meeting a diverse cohort of individuals at the school. Furthermore, I have been able to embrace the free-learning philosophy by partaking in additional courses such as A-level plus, in addition to competitive experiences, inclusive of UK Space Design competition and the International Young Physicists’ Tournament. Attending trips such as a visit to CERN, Geneva around the start of year 12 also provided me with an exciting opportunity to explore my interests in greater depth and meet new people.

In addition, I have formed long-lasting friendships with a diverse, global network of individuals, and formed great memories through my experiences here. This opportunity to attend also enabled me to try out fencing as a unique sport, which I wouldn’t have been able to do had I not attended Dulwich.

Ties Tasin has accumulated from societies

As year 12 progressed and our University applications approached, I decided to pursue the field of Engineering. The guidance from my teachers at this college, along with mentoring and support provided by Quadstar gave me a better insight and preparation for my Oxbridge application.



Ivyholme Boarding

I’ve enjoyed working together with like-minded people at Dulwich, and hope to continue to do so and to be able to pursue my passions further through studying Engineering at Cambridge. With the encouragement and support from Quadstar, I have been able to embrace a host of wonderful experiences and be part of the thriving community of Dulwich.