families affected by divorce

At quadstar we have a collaborative approach that means we are open to new ideas and approachable by new partners. Although we have our own strong vision, we acknowledge the expertise of those we work with and actively look for partners who want to work together on certain issues.

One of our specific areas of concern is supporting children and young people who have been affected by parental separation or divorce. Around 100,000 children and young people annually are affected by divorce. While there are plenty of resources available to support parents, at present there’s little support directly for young people to help with feelings of confusion and guilt, or with the feeling of being forced to choose between parents. We are keen to see new technologies developed that support children at this difficult time of their lives and, in particular, that to enable children to retain or rebuild their relationships with both parents and avoid estrangement.

Our vision is for a new app to support families to reconnect or stay connected. We would welcome potential collaborators on this project, whether funders, developers, researchers or organisations working with young people who have been affected by divorce.

For an informal chat about the work we’re doing and how you could be involved please contact us.