Due to the coronavirus pandemic Salehah’s IB exams were postponed indefinitely, until it was later decided that the exams were not to go ahead. As a result, she marginally missed out at attending her first-choice university. Despite this situation and after much hard work and determination, she achieved a place at King’s College London (KCL). A Russell group university in the heart of London, with strengths in law, the humanities and the social sciences and extensive facilities. She also became the first girl in her family to ever go to university!



Due to personal matter and unforeseeable circumstances, it became impractical for Salehah to stay at home whilst attending university, giving her no choice but to move out, in what was already unprecedented times. The university could not provide further financial support, which made finding funding more difficult. This led to a drawback in finding suitable university accommodation that not even her student finance could cover. As many are aware, living in an area such as London, costs of living are high, especially for a student.

After achieving her rightful place at university to study Social Science, Salehah was hit with the predicament of how she was going to fund these studies. This made her feel as though there was no other option but to give up her place being that funding had become a barrier to her reaching her dream course, she had worked towards over the past two years at 6th form.

Not wanting to give up she used her proactiveness and resolution to extensively research individuals, charities, and other organisational bodies in hopes to find support in pursuing her ambition. Through this research Salehah found us, here at the Quadstar Foundation and applied. In hearing Salehah’s story we provided her with maintenance funding and helped secure her attendance at King’s College London. Salehah is currently in her first year of university and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far given that she is studying a course she is passionate about.


In Salehah’s words it brought much relief as she can primarily focus on her studies and by providing pastoral support when needed. She is grateful for the help Quadstar has given and cannot wait to continue her studies for the next two years at KCL!