Quadstar Christmas Newsletter

It’s been an exciting year at Quadstar with new schools, new students and new opportunities helping us to achieve our objective of educating disadvantaged students both at home and abroad.

We start with an update of our UWS Krang Chek School in Cambodia. After enduring a particularly severe monsoon season last year challenging the school and local community the school remained opened and is now flourishing.

The school closed for school holidays in August, and recently opened again on 1st November, marking the start of the new academic year. The children were excited for the start of term and delighted to receive new textbooks, pencils and learning resources for the year ahead.

Krang Chek currently has 64 students enrolled, of whom 27 are male and 37 are female along with 3 teachers, all recruited and trained from the local community. Quadstar will provide further updates as the academic term unfolds.

New Year brings the completion of Quadstar’s new school project.

Our next school project takes place in Eastern Nepal, UWS Sathtare School. The school is being built in the Sankhuwasabha region of Eastern Nepal, an area which is plagued by poverty and suffers from chronic underinvestment in both health and education.

Back in 2015 the Sathtare community was hit by a devastating earthquake, completely destroying the very basic school in the village along with many homes. The community is made up of 1100 residents who are extremely poor and due to lack of funds the school was never rebuilt.

The new school will be earthquake-resistant and raised on stilts to withstand seasonal flooding. The building is being constructed using locally sourced brick, and a galvanised steel roof. Quadstar are delighted to report that construction is well underway with the foundations and frame of the school now in place, construction of the walls can now begin. The school will have four classrooms that can accommodate up to 200 students and a 2 bed teacher house for government teachers living outside the area. Throughout the build, local villagers have been working alongside UWS’ building team to reduce costs and ensure a January opening date. Once the school is built, the school and library with be furnished with everything needed to create a welcoming, functional learning environment. The final step will be an enrolment drive for the local community which Quadstar is hoping to attract around 150 children.

Finally, Merry Christmas! We look forward to bringing you more rewarding and exciting projects in 2020. Wishing peace and happiness for the year ahead from us all at Quadstar.