QS funds school in Sathare, Nepal

In 2019, Quadstar partnered with UWS to fully fund the development of a new school in Nepal, UWS Sathtare School. Sathtare village is located in the Sankhuwusabha region of Eastern Nepal. The residents of Sathtare are extremely poor and the majority of them have no formal education; most teenage girls and young women worked as subsistence farmers. Many of the boys and young men would travel to the Gulf states where they were used as cheap labour in a foreign economy.

Before 2015, Sathtare village had a very basic school and class arrangements with limited resources. However, the school was completely destroyed by the devastating 2015 earthquake. It was the biggest earthquake in the seismically active area in 81 years. The school in Sathtare was one of the thousands not reconstructed due to lack of funds, leaving these children with no way of continuing their education. Before Quadstar’s investment, the nearest school to Sathtare after the earthquake was a three hour walk away – the majority of children did not attend school at all.
In 2020 UWS Sathtare School opened. In March 2021, we recorded that 225 students were enrolled at UWS Sathtare School.