Schooling in Cambodia

Quadstar has recently supported United World School (UWS),  a remarkable charity that started off with the building of just one school by Chris Howarth in northern Cambodia. Now a decade or more on they have built over 100 schools in Cambodia, Nepal and Myanmar giving thousands of children the opportunity of an education. There could be nothing closer to the ethos of quadstar and we are delighted to support it.

The creator of quadstar, Nick Butcher, has gifted the $30,000 needed by UWS to build a brand new school in the village of Krang Chek, a remote and hard to access area in the Koh Kong province south west of Phonm Penh. Building work starts in December 2017 and should be completed shortly thereafter. The school will have a capacity of around 170-180 children and it is expected to be full within the year. Nick will meet the annual support costs for 10 years, during which time the school will be transitioned over to the local community.