See Martha’s story below and the beginning of her journey at Atlantic College

Martha Njuguna was Quadstar’s first student in 2018.  She was offered a fully funded scholarship (including flights, pocket money and equipment) for a 2 year International Baccalaureate course at Atlantic College – part of the United World Colleges.

Martha was selected through the Kenyan UWC Committee as an outstanding and exceptionally-deserving candidate from many applications received from further countries in Africa and the Far East. She had to undergo a rigorous selection process in her home country of Kenya just to be proposed by her local National Selection Committee.

Martha excelled at her time at Atlantic College and had an amazing experience although she never really got used to the Welsh weather! She spent some time staying with Nick and Michelle in London showing her the sites, shows and shops – which she thoroughly enjoyed! Despite the challenges of covid lock-down she successfully completed her IB Course and managed to secure a scholarship to attend Connecticut College in the US. We wish her well in her studies in the US!

UWC Atlantic College, Wales