Kingswood School was founded by John Wesley and opened in Bristol in 1748 relocating to its magnificent 200 acre setting in Bath in 1852. It was commandeered during WWII and started taking in girls in 1972. It is now recognised as one of Britain’s great schools and many educational institutions around the world have been founded on its principles. Today through the International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities, Kingswood has links to international institutions that are at the forefront of education. Creativity, kindness, and respect for scholarship remain some of the School’s distinguishing values.

Kingswood is a welcoming, inclusive community in which students are challenged to develop their own talents while encouraging others to do the same. Kingswood promotes confidence, open-mindedness and tolerance along with creativity and a spirit of enquiry. Academic achievement takes place within the context of all-round personal development, and high standards are combined with a sense of responsibility and service. Kingswood students excel on a personal level while also making a real difference to the lives of others.

Please see the schools website for further information or contact for more information on what we are looking for in students to support at the School.