Each year we are hoping to sponsor two new students through sixth form, and if a residential experience is the best opportunity for them to thrive then we will fund this.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer disadvantaged students the opportunity to flourish and fulfil their ambitions and passions through education and mentoring support. We offer a small number of disadvantaged pupils in the UK scholarship support for their education in schools, colleges and Universities where they show true passion, ability and commitment for opportunities they would otherwise be unable to reach.

We believe that the biggest gift we can offer a student is to support them when their lives are tough and especially when they have shown great resilience in overcoming difficult and challenging family life. We work in a collaborative manner with several small, dynamic and passionate charities who share our dreams.

What We Offer

We believe that offering a pupil an opportunity is only half the journey and we are committed to providing them the support they need to flourish along the way and beyond. We provide item support for books and IT etc as well as crucial mentoring from within the Quadstar Trustees and Partners. It is part of our philosophy that our grantees feel cared for and encouraged. We are also building up our own fellow grantee support network for long term connections.

Our pupil support programme has been hugely successful and Quadstar is now launching an ambitious fund-raising programme to be able to provide our support to more and more students. We now wish to push our valuable work further by raising more funds and offering many more places of opportunity to talented pupils.