Amber helping out at Harvel House Farm during sheep shearing.


Having gained work experience in the veterinary and welfare sector,  from small, mixed, and specialised equine practice to rehoming centres, veterinary laboratories and livestock husbandry, Amber’s aspiration of becoming a vet has only been fuelled. She previously applied to study veterinary medicine during her A-levels but unfortunately missed out on a place. Not wanting to give up her ambitions, she reapplied through the graduate entry route towards the end of her zoology degree at Anglia Ruskin University. Amber obtained one of just 72 places at Harper and Keele Veterinary School, whilst also achieving a first-class honours.

Amber at Apenhuel primate park, Netherlands in her final year in Zoology at Anglia Ruskin University.



After receiving such a personal victory and taking a big step towards her dream, she was harrowed with the reality of how she was going to fund her veterinary studies. Many students apply via the graduate entry route when reapplying a second time, however Student Finance England do not issue a tuition fee loan to students studying veterinary medicine as a second degree, despite vets being on the UK occupational shortage list. Funding became out of the question, turning into a barrier in making her dream a reality as she was not eligible for a tuition fee loan and had to find a way to self-fund her tuition fees.


Amber presenting her undergraduate dissertation about parasite burden in sheep.

Amber worked profusely throughout academic terms and holidays since her GCSEs, saving just enough to fund the first year of my veterinary medicine degree. Unfortunately, due to being asthmatic she had to resign from her job and isolate during the coronavirus pandemic, which made funding difficult. She researched and wrote to various places in hopes to find support. In doing all this she crossed paths with Quadstar and made an application to us. In hearing Amber’s story, we decided to help her fund her veterinary degree. This intervention has helped Amber secure her place and in Amber’s words, brought much relief in knowing the financial barrier has been lifted. Amber is eternally grateful.