Latest news from our schools abroad

Covid-19 has only augmented the ongoing education crisis, putting a strain on educational deliveries and programmes. Despite facing these unprecedented times during the pandemic, with community support, organisational and individual efforts, programmes by the UWS were adapted in our projects abroad. All these collaborative efforts have given rise to a light at the end of the tunnel for students!

UWS Krang Chek – Cambodia

In September 2020, The Cambodian government announced the reopening of schools under the condition that temperature surveillance and handwashing facilities were strictly in place. Students at UWS Krang Chek were extremely excited to return to their classrooms, however in November 2020 a local case of covid-19 had been detected and classes were postponed for the foreseeable future to control any potential outbreak. After two months schools opened In January 2021! In collaboration with the UWS, teachers at Krang Chek implemented a well-developed and adapted “come back to school programme.”

UWS Sathare –  Nepal

Students studying at UWS Sathare February 2021

UWS reopened from late November 2020 under the condition of no covid-19 cases being present within the community. We’re pleased to say, since their reopening they have stayed open and classes have been operating throughout the school term! We’re delighted to hear that 89% of students previously enrolled returned to school despite the challenges they face. Teachers have been working profusely to fill the gaps in the curriculum that students have missed. Producing fun and rich learning resource for students to get their teeth stick into. Not only has there been a great turn out, there are now 27 new students who have enrolled at UWS Sathare!

Community Learning Sites – Myanmar

Some thorough hand washing at student cleaning bases UWS Nashilin, December 2020.

Unfortunately, due to rising cases in covid-19, schools in Myanmar are still closed to reduce the risk of further transmission and spread of the virus within the community. It became apparent that school closure and lockdown was going to be extended for the foreseeable future, UWS focussed on promoting and developing an extensive education continuation programme. This allowed students across UWS to continue their education through small group teaching programmes within the community. These occurred in mini community learning sites, consisting of 45-minute lessons led by community teacher. On average 87% of children took part within their respective communities! Children who could not participate in lesson during the week due to working in the fields with their family were given project-based learning tasks to complete over the course of the week.


Small group learning at UWS Bar Pwot, December 2020