We support other inspiring charities to help educate disadvantaged students both at home and abroad.  We seek to build a long term relationship with our partner charities to support and educate children and help them flourish.


Our mission is to offer disadvantaged children across the globe the opportunity to flourish and fulfil their ambitions and passions through education and support. We offer young pupils an education in countries where there is little or none and offer a small number of disadvantaged pupils in the UK a full scholarship for their education where they show true passion, ability and commitment in the face of severe family challenges.


We believe that the biggest gift we can offer a child is to support them when their lives are tough and especially when they have shown great resilience in overcoming difficult and challenging family life. We work in a collaborative manner with several small, dynamic and passionate charities who share our dreams. Accountable to our applicants, the community and our donors we aim to be transparent in all our communications and commitments.


We work in partnership sharing our knowledge, expertise and resources with the organisations we support. We learn from them how their innovative approaches are helping support children and we share in their mission to help children flourish. In the UK, through the work of Nick Butcher, we offer individual mentoring and non-academic support to the students we offer scholarships to.


We invest in brilliant ideas to better support young students in the UK and abroad – currently Cambodia and Myanmar – to flourish by partnering with innovative and dynamic charities.  The majority of the funding is provided through the profits of the Chairman’s companies but we welcome all and any donations to help our work.